This investigation researches and analyzes the development of cities through formal aspects of urban design, in relation to hydrologic features. Through a collection of maps, this study attempts to clarify how particular cities utilize, design, and manipulate water. This catalogue isolates water in a formal way, as to better understand its relevance pertaining to its particular place of use and organization. The city becomes a filter, in some respects, for water. The city sets within this constantly changing water cycle, which involves a process of evaporation, precipitation, and movement.

The goals of this investigation are to map and clarify water in the city from the perspective of urban fabrics and matrices. Analysis of lakes, rivers, streams, canals, oceans, ponds, and pools will help to elucidate the ambiguous relationship between water and the city. This study is ultimately organized from an urban design perspective, allowing a scale in which the city and its water fabric are visual signs of nature and human intervention.

City List : 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands/ 2. Ayutthaya, Thailand/ 3. Bangkok, Thailand/ 4. Chiang Mai, Thailand/ 5. Copenhagen, Denmark/ 6. Dhaka, Bangladesh/ 7. Suzhou, China